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We are artists dedicated to:

Configuring the Space, Improving the Color, Changing the Feel, Transforming the Look, and Reviving the Spirit of your Home.

We specialize in Decorative Painted Techniques, Faux Finishes and Tromp l’oeil, Murals and Custom Art, Color Consultation and Theory.

We do not subscribe to trends and believe that subtlety is the essence of successful design. A home should never “look” decorated.


Our ego does not interfere with your desire or your taste.

We can only advise – we do not control.

When in doubt – reference Nature

  • RULE #1

    • It’s not about us – it’s about You.

  • RULE #2

    • It’s about You and Your Home and Your Comfort.

  • RULE #3

    • It’s about how we can help you revive the Essence of Your Home


We have been utilized as a resource both in application and consultation by internationally acclaimed decorators in Newport, New York, Boston, London and Palm Beach since our formation in 1982.

John Shehan has been studying color, proportion and architecture for over forty years.

We are available to decorators and discerning, private clients. How can we advise You? How can we improve Your Home?

John Shehan

John Shehan

About me section.


A room is an environment. A mood is set when we arise and again when we retire. Comfort and cheerfulness can be accomplished in so many ways and much depends on our personality but the things we see day in and day out have a profound effect on our well being.

Often a room can be changed with color but sometimes a more drastic approach is needed anda redesign or fresh conception of a room or group of rooms is necessary. Removing walls, adding architectural elements like a chair rail or a cornice moulding or replacing boring windows are a few of the many ways a space can be enhanced.

We have had huge success in transforming raised ranch homes from the dreaded, small, stifling rooms to great, airy spaces. All it takes is imagination. We offer the inspiration to spark your imagination.


It is said that our sense of smell has the most power to inspire our memories. The power of color then must be to inspire our imagination. As with smell it draws bees to flowers and it draws birds to their mates. Color is said to be able to calm us or excite us and evoke the entire realm of emotion.

The choice of color should be a fairly straightforward pursuit but the variables dictate otherwise. Sometimes a room just wants to be a certain color and we pride ourselves on the ability to discern this. We can match to a fabric or a mood. We take great pains to get the perfect white for trim or woodwork so the room seems a contiguous whole without jarring interruptions. There is a science to color but there is also magic. We pride ourselves on understanding the science but sensing the magic and applying both to enhance and transform your living space.


There are times when color is not enough and walls cry out for depth or texture. Although a more costly undertaking, the application of glazes, whether sponging, strie, or any of hundreds of other techniques, can give your walls excitement unimaginable with mere paint.

Floors can be spattered or stenciled. Ceilings can be coffered with painted shadows or strewn with light clouds to give the room a sense of openness.

Boring wood trim, kitchen cupboards or bookcases can be made to look like pickled oak or knotty pine. A baseboard can be made to look like rare marble, malachite or agate.

These are ancient techniques known, respectively as tromp l’oeil (to fool the eye), faux bois (false wood) and faux marbre (false marble) and have been applied over the ages to many grand homes and castles. We are specialists in the application of these techniques and have been fortunate to have applied them in many homes from Maine to Miami.

Murals, simple or complex, are another means of expanding a room and creating a mood. Many a room can benefit from a scene that tells a story around the room or in another circumstance it may be sufficient to paint one wall to give a feeling of spaciousness to a narrow space.

Whichever application is appropriate we can advise you and suggest the color, texture or technique that will best accomplish the desired overall result.